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Welcome to Visalia Safes a custom safe and vault door company

About Us

Welcome to Visalia Safes


At Visalia Safes we take pride in our products..  Our safes are custom made to order, using only quality materials which gives us a product that is superior in the market.  


We start with a couple of fact finding questions to get an idea on  what you have in mind, (size, type, Jewelry, gun, pharmacy, drop box, vault door), then we put your idea to paper. 


If the customer approves the hand drawn sketch, it then is taken to our team of engineers at Exeter Engineering where an actual draft is drawn up .  This ensures the customer is going to get exactly what they want, and that the safe is going to be functional. 









Quality You Can See

  •    Most safes sold today are merely enclosures. They offer little, if any, real security. Think about the old time safes. They had very thick doors and walls and weighed hundreds, if not thousands of pounds. They provided security. The best way to break into them was to use dynamite! Today's safes usually feature a thin metal outside wall. For fire protection, two layers of sheet rock will provide only limited fire resistance. Since the metal thickness is only .120" most of the weight of a safe is sheet rock. Not metal. Today, burglars open most safes by prying them open. That's because manufacturing practices focus on how cheap you can build a safe, not how secure the safe is. Nearly all safes, particularly the kind you can buy from big box retailers or catalog distributors have a gap between the door and the frame. Insert a crowbar in there and it will soon give way (because there is no real door frame). You won't have these problems buying a Visalia Safe product. We only make quality safes. Here are some reasons...  

  1. All of our safes have an outside wall of 7 gauge steel. Approximately .190 thickness, compared to most competitors 11 gauge, which is .120 thickness
  2. Our most popular model of safe, the "Ultimate" series, has a 12 gauge inner liner, which includes the top and bottom which are 7 gauge. This safe within a safe is thicker than most of our competitors outer wall.
  3. Between our inside wall and outside wall of the "Ultimate" series safe, there is a layer of ceramic fiber insulating material. There is almost no weight inherent in this material but it has a fire rating of 3260 degrees. Much higher than any sheet rock safe.
  4. We have no gaps in between the door and the frame on any of our safes for the best burglar protection.
  5. In a Visalia safe model, the bolts are enclosed by a very strong door jam. This doesn't allow anyone to deflect the jam to expose the bolt.