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Why Buy a Visalia Safe


Most safes sold today are merely enclosures. They offer little, if any, real security. Think about the old time safes. They had very thick doors and walls and weighed hundreds, if not, thousands of pounds. They provided security. The best way to break into them was to use dynamite!

Today’s safes usually feature a thin metal outside wall. For fire protection a layer or two of sheet rock will provide limited fire resistance. Since the metal thickness is often only .120”, most of the weight of a safe is sheetrock, not metal.

Today, burglars open most safes by prying them open. That’s because manufacturing practices focus on how cheap you can build a safe, not how secure the safe is. Nearly all safes, particularly the kind you can buy from the big box retailer or catalog distributors, have a gap between the door and the frame. Insert a crowbar or pry bar in this gap and start prying. Soon the door edge gives way (because there is no real door frame), a bolt becomes exposed, and the rest is history! Even inexperienced burglars can open a safe in two or three minutes. You hear of people being arrested because they are transporting burglary tools. That’s what pry bars are, burglary tools! Remember if someone breaks into your house and finds a safe that becomes their focus. If your valuables are going to survive this intrusion, you need a Visalia Safe. 


Here’s why:

1. All Visalia Safes have an outside wall of 7 gauge steel, approximately .180 thickness compared to most competitors 11 gauge material, which is .120 thickness.

2. Our most popular model of safe, the “Ultimate” series, has a inner liner, which includes top, bottom, and sides that are .135 thick. This safe within a safe is thicker metal than most of our competitor’s outer wall.

3. Between our inside wall and outside wall of the “Ultimate” safe, there is a layer of ceramic fiber insulating material. There is almost no weight inherent in this material but it has a fire rating of 3260 degrees. No sheetrock lined safe, regardless of the layers of sheetrock, can claim this degree of protection.

4. Look at any Visalia Safe, there is no gap between the door and the frame. You can’t insert a pry bar of any sort. This is the number one obstacle to prevent a break in.

5. In a Visalia Safe see how the bolts are enclosed by a very strong door jam. Even if you could get a pry bar between the door and the wall, you couldn’t deflect the jam to expose the bolt.

6. The door thickness on a Visalia Safe is usually ¼”. The door thickness on most competitive safes is usually the same 11 gauge material used for the rest of the body. What appears to be a thick wall is nothing but air between the outside metal and the inside sheetrock. For extra security, some customers order 1/2” thick doors with corresponding thicker inner liner.

7. Look at the door hinges. Many safes just have two exposed hinges. Those hinges are welded to the thin metal of the body and since there is little metal thickness for the weld to penetrate, the hinges are vulnerable to a sledgehammer or cold chisel. All Visalia Safes have a full-length enclosed piano hinge. It’s all but impossible to penetrate the safe by destroying or removing the hinge.

8. Compare weights. Nearly all the weight is actually the sheetrock used in most safes. Since our ceramic fiber liner weighs very little, our weight is all in the metal. Visalia Safes, size to size weigh about 50% more than other safes even though there is no sheet rock.

9. 100% built in the U.S.A. at our plant in Exeter, California. Not China or somewhere else. Look very carefully, often in some hidden away place, for the country of origin. Most safes are not built in the U.S.A.

10. The interior of a Visalia safe can be customized for your individual needs. More storage shelves, more gun space, different gun height, optics, jewelry, documents, etc. are easily accommodated.

11. Visalia Safe offers many different designs and dimensions or we will customize a safe to fit your space or other requirements. We manufacture many double door safes up to eight feet wide with single or double locking doors. We invite you to challenge us with your own design or dimensions.

12. If you order a safe, you can choose virtually any color and pick between two finishes.

13. We’ve been building nothing but safes since 1985. Our safe design is developed from years of experience and lots of attempted break ins. In all those years, after delivering thousands of safes and hundreds of attempted break ins, we know of only one safe that was successfully compromised.

14. Visalia Safe does make two other models different than the “Ultimate” model referenced above. These models are less expensive than the Ultimate, but still provide the same heavy gauge metal, tight fit, custom layout, door jams and other features. The biggest differences are in the fire retardant and lack of an inner liner. These models offer the security and workmanship Visalia Safe is famous for at a price that is in reach of everyone.

15. Your safe is all about time. The longer it takes to frustrate a burglar, the safer your valuables are. Almost any security devices can be penetrated but the longer it takes, the more likely the burglars will be unsuccessful. Visalia Safes buy time and time is invaluable.

There is a real difference in safes. If you want to secure your valuables, get a Visalia Safe. Anything less is just a target your intruders to focus on. If the day comes and you have a break in, you’ll brag about your Visalia Safe!